Monday, 5 September 2011

Casualty Markers

Having a toy around with some ideas for my casualty markers for each regiment
not 100% convinced yet so i'll just see how it pan's out

Brigade Commanders

Here are my Brigade Commanders

Brigadier General Rowe with Aide de Camp

Brigadier General James Ferguson with Aide de Camp

All infomation has been taken from Ian Stanford Book Marlborough goes to war
which is invaluble to all interested in the battle of Blenheim
which you can purchase from pike and shot society website
also more info on

Marlborough's British Infantry part two

Here are pictures of  Brigadier General John Webb's Brigade.

Marlborough's British Infantry part one

Here are some pictures of my unpainted british infantry collection from Front Rank,they consisting of following 10 regiments from James Ferguson's &; John Webb's Brigade's
All figures are based on larger than normal mdf 60cmx60cm this is to help protect the figures from horrible damages that always seem to happen no matter how hard you try to aviod it.
On the regiments firing i've tried to get the look of "in the thick of battle" and platoon firing stance
I think it has worked out ok with the figures avaliable from Front Rank sure going to look great painted up whenever that maybe.

Sorry about picture quailty not any good with camera even more so when camera's not mine..

Brigadier General James Ferguson's Brigade

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

OOB for Blenheim

Here is a link that has inspired me on this project .
Ray has spent many hours researching and researching even more and has got a fantastic army only wish mine will turn out like this one day
 Please click link and enjoy
Having researched and read some more its very frustrating when so much information is not available
on the British at this time.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

March Update

Another shipment has arrived from Front Rank this month
so i've nearly completing my british infantry regiments
for the Battle of Blenheim
British Order of Battle
as follows
Brigadier General James Ferguson's

18th of foot (Frederick Hamilton  Regiment)
16th of foot (Archibald Douglas' Regiment of Foot)
26th of foot (Earl of Angus's Regiment)
1st of foot 2nd Bn (Earl of Orkney Regiment)
1st foot guards

Brigadier General Archibald Rowe's

10th of foot(Earl of Bath's Regiment of Foot )
21st of foot (Archibald Rowe Regiment)
23rd of foot (Richard Ingoldsby Regiment)
24th of foot (Sir Edward Dering's Regiment of Foot)
15th of foot (Sir William Clifton's Regiment of Foot)

still to collect
Brigadier General Webb's

3rd of foot (Churchill's Regiment )
37th of foot (Thomas Meredith's Regiment)
8th of foot (John Richmond Webb Regiment)
1st of foot 1st Bn (Earl of Orkney Regiment)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Project update

Well things have been very slow
since my last post ,however happy to report
project is back up and running.
Have collected enough figures to complete
8 Infantry regiments of 18 men
these are as follows